Seven ways Pinterest can improve your life in 2017

It has a reputation for cupcakes, weddings and projects that will never turn out the way they look in the picture. I bet you’re already using Pinterest to design your dream kitchen or keep tabs on the latest baking trends. But it’s so much more than that, here’s how to use Pinterest to save time, money and in some cases, your sanity.


Make time for must-read articles

  • Your boss sends you a link to an article you MUST read but you have that report to finalise. Or you see a tweet with a link to an opinion piece you’d love to read but now’s not a good time. If you’re anything like me, the chances are that you’ll forget about it and never read it. Open up the article and pin any image to a dedicated  Pinterest board – mine is called ‘Articles to Read’. Then when you’re sat on a train with a spare five minutes you can browse through those articles.

Save money

  • Wave goodbye to that costly gym membership. Did you know that you can pin YouTube videos to Pinterest too? You can create a whole workout from a board. Just combine your favourite YouTube workouts with some stretching infographics.

Impress your friends

  • When a friend sends you a recipe by email or you spot a delicious looking tweet from @BBCGoodFood, visit the website and pin the image to one of your Pinterest boards. That way, when you’re stuck for dinner party inspiration, you’ll have a whole host of ideas waiting for you.

Get more of what you want

  • It’s coming up to your birthday/anniversary/Christmas and you’re not confident that your other half is going to make the right present decisions. Create a Pinterest board of inspiration with about 30 items for them to choose from. Then just sneakily send them the link.

Share the load

  • Planning a hen do, birthday party or baby shower with a group of friends? Create a collaborative Pinterest board and invite each of them to pin their ideas. Use the comments section underneath each image to discuss each idea.

Stay ahead of the trend

  • Use Pinterest Source to determine the most popular items from any website. Type [insert-web-address-without-www] to see what everyone is pinning. Handy if you’re worried that coat from Selfridges is going to sell out.

Learn something new

  • Use Pinterest to learn a new hobby or skill. Always fancied knitting? Then you’ll find a wealth of YouTube tutorials on getting started as well as patterns for scarves, jumpers and cute bobble hats. Maybe you’re thinking about revamping your garden – you’ll find a whole host of information on there too.

If you haven’t already, install a Pin It button for your browser. When you’re surfing the web, having the button installed means that pinning is just one click away.

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