Why I volunteer

I’m in this month’s Healthy Magazine, available from Holland and Barrett, talking about the reasons I volunteer.img_0436

The article features women who reap benefits from doing good to others; a woman who gives free craft classes to the elderly, another woman who gives free beauty treatments to cancer patients, and me. I’m humbled to be featured alongside these amazing women. They give up so much more of their time to help those in need.

Volunteering your time can help others and help yourself too.  I’ve volunteered with a Brownie pack for 20 years now, which is impressive for my 32 years, even if I say so myself. Volunteering my time for an hour or so every Friday does so much for the girls and knowing I’m helping them gain life-long skills is rewarding for me.

People always ask me how I find the time to volunteer. The truth is, it’s become a habit or a way of life. I turned up to Brownies as a seven-year-old and I’ve never looked back. To me, I’m not volunteering, it’s part of my life.

My advice to anyone thinking of volunteering? Do it – and start small. Make it a habit. Make it something that challenges you so you learn something new. Make it something you love doing.

And if Girlguiding interests you, you can find out more about joining here




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