Dairy-free: a week long adventure

In my last blog post, Living with Eczema, you read how I reduced my eczema symptoms by replacing cow’s milk with soya milk. My eczema wasn’t cured by any means but it became less noticeable. Flare-ups became few and far between, normally in the winter when my skin battled against the cold and central heating.

More recently, I’ve joined a few Facebook groups for people who have eczema. Just to share ideas and stories. My eczema is on the milder side than most in the groups but I’ve learnt a lot already in the few weeks I’ve been in these groups. Mainly how others, just like me, have altered their diets to relieve their symptoms.

It’s January, we’re in one of the coldest months and my heating is on. My skin is dry, especially around my face, eyes and inner arms. I’m using all the tricks – Manuka Honey rescue cream and Dead Sea Bath Salts but to no effect.

Inspired by the Eczema UK Facebook group, I’ve decided to eliminate dairy completely from my diet to see if I notice any improvements in my skin. It’s going to be tough, I don’t eat meat. So apart from fish and eggs, it will mean I’m living a vegan lifestyle.

Wish me luck! Here’s dairy-free: day one

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