Dairy-free: day one

It’s day one on my dairy-free adventure. As usual, I’ll be getting my daily water intake thanks to my trusty Hydratem8 water bottle.


Dry, dull with a couple of eczema flare-ups on my inner arms. My eyes and eyelids are dry and itchy, meaning I’ve switched my contact lenses for my glasses.

What I ate

Breakfast was rye bread with crunchy peanut butter and black coffee

I snacked on a banana and more black coffee later on that morning.

Lunch was a freebie thanks to Franco Manca offering free pizza to those born in January to alleviate the symptoms of Blue Monday. I opted for their sourdough pizza number 5 – tomato, garlic, oregano, capers, olives and anchovies with no mozzarella or cheese. They were super accommodating when I requested no dairy. Washed down with a glass of their delicious organic lemonade.

Seeing as I had such a big lunch, dinner was light – courgetti with baby plum tomatoes, spinach, pine nuts and avocado.

Finally, I had a few scoops of dairy-free carrot cake ice cream from Perfect World, that I picked up with my Tesco online shop. Delicious, and the perfect dairy-free sweet fix.

I’m keen to hear about your dairy-free lives, especially yummy recipes! Comment below and help me out.

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