Dairy-free: day two

Discover the start of my dairy-free journey on dairy-free: a week-long adventure.


I gave my skin a helping hand yesterday with a Dead Sea salt bath with lashings of baby oil. I also used a heated eye mask to soothe my dry eyes. As such, my skin felt supple all day, although my hands were still slightly itchy and flaky.

I have felt less bloated today, which could be dairy connected. I’ll need a few more days to decide.

What I ate

I’m lucky that my work provides bread and spreads for breakfast, but I was mortified to discover that the Burgin soya & linseed bread I’ve become accustomed to may have milk in it. So I covered Genius gluten-free, milk-free bread with peanut butter instead.

Me and my friend Donna caught up over lunch at Wai Kika Moo Kau– a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Brighton’s North Laines. Tempted by a special on another diner’s table, we both went for the grilled bagel. Mine was missing the halloumi, which made me die a little inside (I love halloumi) but it was totally delicious, and something I could recreate at home. It was a wholemeal bagel with cashew pesto and avocado, with grilled tomato drizzled in a balsamic glaze. I topped it off with a cappuccino made with coconut milk and a dusting of cocoa powder.

I snacked on blueberries and mango throughout the day.

Dinner was a late one after a detour on my way home to see a friend. Leftover rice and quinoa mix fried in egg with mushrooms and spinach.

Lessons I’ve learnt today – you’ll be surprised what foods contain milk. Bread, Quorn… but not Farley’s Rusks.

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