Dairy-free: day three

Day three started with a commute into the London office at the Shard. Armed with a travel mug of Millicano black coffee and Jonah Berger’s Contagious streaming from Audible, I was ready to face all the commuter woes.


The patches of eczema I have moved from red and itchy to dry and flaky. I’m using my usual products, it’s still early days to know whether these changes are dairy-related.

What I ate

Predictably, my train was late and my plan for a proper breakfast was thwarted and instead, I only had time to dash to M&S. I opted for a mango pot with a banana. I snacked on nuts throughout the day.

I was looking forward to blogging about all the vegan options available in London, but alas, I struggled. Pret had no vegan options (sad face) but I managed to grab the last vegan wrap in Pure. Dubbed Vegan Project – it was a yummy blend of smoked tofu, houmous, red cabbage and butter beans. It definitely filled me up for the rest of the day.

More train woes on my way home meant I just wanted a quick dinner. I cooked some salmon in the oven, then laid it on a bed of wholemeal rice seasoned with black pepper and red chilli flakes. Lazy and uninspired cooking. I need some quick and easy dairy-free recipes!

But more importantly – how stunning is this sunset? Taken from the 22nd floor of the Shard.

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