Dairy-free: day five

Today marks the spot that I’m almost through with my dairy-free adventure. People keep asking me if I have more energy – the answer is no, not yet. I have noticed that my tummy is less bloated, and I have lost 4lbs! Added bonus.


My skin is still dry, but the redness on my arms has disappeared. My eyes are still dry but I think that might take a bit more time.

What I ate

More granary toast and peanut butter for me! Washed down with a black coffee and a banana as a snack later on. Spot the cool Pantone mug.

Lunch was pre-made. The same salad as yesterday but with tinned salmon instead of tuna. Sorry – no picture!

I decided to get a little more adventurous for dinner. My husband has been away in the US and Canada on business, so I decided to make homemade pizzas (alright, I cheated on the bases). Whilst shopping in Morrisons earlier, I spotted some Violife vegan cheese. I slipped it into the basket, as it would be a good addition to top my pizza.

My pizza base was covered with passata, the covered with sliced tomato, red pepper,  black olives, chestnut mushrooms and grated Violife vegan cheese.

I did sample a little of the cheese before my meal – it reminded me of smoked Bavarian cheese. The quality of vegan cheese has definitely improved since my university days!

In terms of grating the cheese onto a pizza, it was okay. The cheese didn’t melt as ordinary cheese would, but I think it would be perfect in a sandwich or on crackers.

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