Dairy-free: day six

We’re almost a week into my dairy-free adventure and it’s starting to feel like my skin issues are a cause of dairy. Six days without dairy has seen the redness in my skin go down, and it’s starting to feel less dry.


As I stated above, my normally dry skin is starting to feel less dry. All redness and subsided. And my fingers haven’t been itchy at all. In fact, the skin on my fingers has started to heal.

What I ate

Breakfast was scrambled egg (made with avocado spread) with crumpets and smoked salmon. Plus two cups of tea with coconut milk.

I skipped lunch (oops) but munched on mango and pineapple fingers, with a Perkier quinoa and cashew bar. Over the afternoon, I had a few mint green teas.

Dinner was quite snack-based. After my trip to Tesco to see their free from range first hand, I picked up some of their tapas range, patatas bravas and prawns with orzo. Both naturally dairy-free. I also picked up some dairy-free (and gluten/wheat free) ginger nut biscuits.

Did the biscuits stand the taste test? And more importantly, did they stand the tea-dunking test?

The biscuits lacked the hate crunch that I love about ordinary ginger nuts. I wonder if these were just dairy-free would that give them the crunch? Being made with rice flour, I found them a little powdery, but the ginger flavour was there. Also, they could be dunked in tea (with coconut milk) for a good 8 seconds.

Would I buy them again? Probably not. But I will hunt for some non-gluten-free versions. If you know some, comment below!

Edit: Thanks to Natalie at Tea, Cake & Make for letting me know that the Co-op’s own value brand of ginger nuts is dairy-free! Result! Check out Natalie’s blog for loads more vegan, lifestyle advice.

3 thoughts on “Dairy-free: day six

  1. tinasab says:

    I’m coeliac and can’t find many things in the ‘free-from’ aisle that purely cut out gluten, but keep the dairy. Seems to always be ‘free-from everything’ 😜 I don’t eat much dairy (because I don’t like it) but will be interesting to see how this works out ☺️ x


    1. Hannah Dempsey says:

      I guess it’s all about trial and error, and finding new products! A vegan friend has just told me that the Co-op value brand of ginger nuts has no dairy – so I’ll be trying those out for sure!


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