Skincare secret

Over the last six months, quite a few people have commented on how good I look. How much my skin is brighter, and I look happier. A few have wanted to know what my secret was, and unfortunately, this is where I’ve failed as a marketer. Any good marketer knows that when you make changes, you change one variable at a time. I managed to change three things at the start of this year, all that could have impacted my new, brighter appearance.

  1. I ditched my stressful agency career for a life client-side. I’ll chat about this on the blog another time.
  2. Due to the above, I cut my weekly commute by six hours a week. That’s six hours of my life I get back to do things I want to do (and believe me, I’ve made the most out of it.)
  3. I discovered The Ordinary.

It happened one workday when a colleague and I were chatting about our shared hormonal acne. My colleague’s sister-in-law had just discovered The Ordinary, a beauty range slowly gaining cult status for getting results and not costing the earth. I was sold on that alone.

Now, it’s not easy to know what products are going to work for you. Over the last few months, it has definitely been trial and error. But now I have the Ordinary products that work for me and I can’t wait to tell you about.

After getting recommendations from my colleague, I hot-footed to their online regimen guide to see what else I should be purchasing. My first order contained:

You’ll know from my previous blog posts that I have eczema and dry skin, so I’m always conscious about what I put on my skin. I’d always recommend doing patch tests on your skin and be careful about combining products.

hylaI followed their example regimen guide to a T. I fell in love with Hyaluronic Acid almost immediately. Using it day and night made my skin plumper and diminished some of those fine lines I was starting to see around my forehead. When I started using it after wetting my face with a cotton pad, the results were even better. Today, I’m just using it in the morning after I wash my face – but it’s earned its place in my daily skincare routine.

Buffet promises to be a good all-rounder but after two months of trying it, I wasn’t seeing results I could attribute to it. So I gave it up. A few months after that, I read that it contains castor oil and can cause excessive hair growth on the face. I have to say that I didn’t notice this at all, but it’s certainly put me off using it again!

rdn-granactive-retinoid-2pct-in-squalane-30mlGranactive Retinoid is one of my favourites and is still a product I’m using before I go to bed. Your skin repairs itself at night and I’ve seen a reduction in my acne scars and blemishes, along with fading my fine line. I have a sensitive eye area, and I have found that I have to keep it well away from my eyelids as they’ll get irritated. If you’re going to use this product, you need to make sure you use an SPF in the morning. I love L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB cream which contains SPF. If you use the Granactive Retinoid without SPF, you’re risking sun damage that will undo all the good you’re putting into your skin – not worth it! My top tip for using Granactive Retinoid is to let it sink in before applying anything else. I normally wait 15 minutes then cover my face with moisturiser,

I am not a fan of the Rosehip Oil. Many complain about the smell but to be honest, I didn’t notice the smell. Being an eczema sufferer, moisturising my skin is my number one priority and I felt the Rosehip Oil didn’t add anything to my usual moisturising routine.

If I was going to put my brighter appearance down to one product, it would be the Hyaluronic Acid. And at only £5.90 per bottle, what have you got to lose?

Next up in the blog, I’ll write up my test-and-refine story of The Ordinary products and let you know what I’m using now.


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